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Rousena Hoag

Architecture + Design

We are passionate about creating exceptional architectural designs and delivering outstanding results for our clients. With a focus on modernity, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal, we strive to transform spaces into beautiful and functional environments. Our extensive international experience allows us to incorporate diverse cultural elements into our projects, resulting in a unique blend of style and innovation. Committed to excellence, our core values of resilience, innovation, and wellness guide us in exceeding our clients’ expectations. We value open dialogue and encourage the exchange of ideas to bring your vision to reality. Let us be your partners in creating extraordinary spaces that inspire and endure.

About Rousena Hoag Architecture + Design

At Rousena Hoag Architecture + Design, we are dedicated to enhancing people’s lives through our exceptional design services. We prioritize your needs and expectations by actively engaging with contractors and trades throughout the process. This collaborative approach ensures a seamless project execution with minimal change orders, leaving our clients satisfied and delighted. Whether it’s a small-scale residential project or a large commercial endeavor, our team offers flexible solutions tailored to your requirements. By employing Building Information Modeling (BIM), we deliver scalable design options that bring your vision to life. With our unwavering commitment to customer service, we strive to instill confidence in our clients at every step of our partnership.

Healthcare Design

The need for healthcare is real. We are proud to design wellness and tech-oriented  healthcare & assisted living centers to celebrate and empower communities.

Residential Design

Includes custom homes, remodels and additions. Our priority is finding the best option for our clients. through an integrated design process.


Interior Design

Creating beauty through simplicity and elegance in interiors is the heart of our inspiration at Rousena Hoag Architecture-Design. Drawing on the rich tapestry of textures, patterns, and colors from diverse cultures, we craft enchanting and bespoke spaces that fulfill our clients’ desires.

Building Information modeling (BIM) & Collaboration

Tools available in design are vast and collaboration is part of today’s integrated design process. We welcome valuable insights.

Landscape Design

Includes new residential design, landscape renovation, outdoor entertainment, decks, and indoor/outdoor playground areas. We oversee masterplans from concept to execution.

Product Design and Research

Innovation compels us to look for new options to improve people’s living conditions. It also embarks us on a quest to deliver service products that benefit individuals and their surrounding communities.


We offer consultancy services from design to construction. Helping our clients succeed is our priority.


Revitalizing Urban Spaces

The heart of the city is in need of a transformation, one that carefully integrates organic growth between commercial and residential areas, establishing a sustainable transportation system and creating spatial connectors where urban dwellers can come together, and connect in the spaces between buildings. A place becomes truly meaningful when it embraces both visitors and residents, supporting their daily needs and fostering a sense of vibrant community.


Interior Spaces & Experiences

Every space reflects the language and user experience. It communicates through the use of patterns, colors, light and movement. It is a space that is alive, dynamic and absorbs and blends with the everyday activity of its user.



Rousena Hoag has exhibited excellent design talent and the ability to communicate and execute our clients desires. As Project Manager, Rousena was able to coordinate such complicated projects as the Luke Air Force Base and the Akchin Master Plans. She succeeds in completing her projects on time and in budget. Rousena’s linguistic skills have been very useful in client and community meetings.

Rousena has been a very valuable member  and we will miss her skills, talents and personable nature. I would highly recommend Rousena Hoag.”

Jeffrey Sherman, RLA

President, Sherman Group Inc., Sherman Group Inc.

“Rousena Hoag Architecture + Design delivered a thoughtful Landscape Master Plan design for a girls’ residential educational campus in Honduras. Our organization collaborates with underserved communities to deliver ecologically sensitive, culturally appropriate, life-changing design. Rousena’s approach demonstrated a keen understanding of the perspective of the girls who will be living on the campus. We appreciate her dedication and commitment to sustainability.”


Melissa Neher

Executive Director, Architects Without Borders Seattle, WA USA

Community engagement

Providing design services  around the world to communities in need is relevant to us. Through the invaluable work of Architects Without Borders Seattle, we had the opportunity to collaborate in one of E2E projects. Click here to learn about the project.

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